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Flood Damage

Flood disasters in your home, business, or institution are often unexpected and can be a cause of great stress. The damage to your property and disruption to your life can be devastating to many people. Rely on the help of professionals to restore peace and normalcy back to your life.

Flood damage isn’t something you can tackle alone. Our licensed and certified technicians are on call and ready to help 24/7. With extensive training and experience with water damage disasters of all sizes, you can count on Maxons to get you back to normal quickly. Call now!


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Benjamins’ Flood Damage Restoration Process

Flood damage can be caused by a variety of sources including flooding, burst or leaky pipes, fire hoses, and accumulated moisture and humidity. Water damage can impact every element of your property and only worsens with prolonged exposure.

Benjamins’ Flood damage restoration techniques vary greatly depending on the water classification. It is important to know what classification of water you are dealing with before you begin the cleanup process.

Types of Flood Damage

Once the Flood type and the extent of the damage have been determined, Maxons will begin a six-step process of removing the water and preventing further damage.

This type of water damage does not pose a health risk to humans and is water from domestic supply lines. An overflowing sink, tub, or leaky appliance are examples of Clean Water damages.

Refers to water that contains degrees of chemical, biological, or physical contaminants. This can lead to sickness in humans and animals if consumed or exposed. Toilet bowls, dishwashers, and washing machine leaks are the most common kinds of Grey Water.

This classification contains highly unsanitary agents such as bacteria and fungus which can lead to severe illness. This classification is most rare and comes mainly from sewage, seawater, and contaminated river or stream water.


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